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Woodstock reviews Countdown to a Breakdown

Woodstock reviews Countdown to a Breakdown

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Ok the vixen know as Victoria passed this New release from Viki Vortex and the cumshots to me, sadly a Digital version not the retro awesome Cassette that it is actually being released on, this is a 7 track Cassette featuring 3 brand spanking new tunes and 4 from last years Bittersweet Twisted treats, which for anyone who hasn’t got was ACE, so to this release, I may think Viki is Ace and love the 2 guys who rock with her but I have to be honest so, speakers on loud and tracks on repeat I have spent a few days with this and here are my thoughts of the 3 New tracks, as I have reviewed there previous ones already, which you all know as you read the review didn’t you?

Countdown to a Breakdown

So we are clicked into a rattling, fast paced dose of Vortex rock n roll, its fast, its upbeat, its there style and there way and I still am not bored of it, this is yet another great little slab, drums and bass hammer out the fast rhythm and the Jangley guitar races over the top, with Viki’s naughty patter, full of energy and delivered with a smile, and that gravel edge creeping in to punctuate the vocal, what’s not to enjoy or like here? The sound is clear and all involved can be heard within the mix and when you crank this up, it holds its own, great start to these 3 new tracks that they seem to be spewing out like frogspawn.


Same pace, same style here, more 100 mile an hour Ramones meets talking heads meets Dolly mixture, the verse alternates between the bass and vocal running riff and then an almost echo of the full band without vocals, works well, yes this has been used by the cumshots before, but so fucking what it works well for them and I like it, vocals are pumped out at high speed on this one, but still clear and with the proper etiquette haha and that Trademark Viki squeak slides in now and then and even the odd sensual bedroom voice line haha, nice tight work from the musicians keeps this a short, sharp, sweet affair just how this band likes it

Radios Dead

Right track 3 and the last of the brand new ones and what do we get? Well we get another slice of fast, bouncing rock n roll, the bass rattles in all treble and girl power soon followed by the drums and guitar and we are in to a fast paced 3 chord verse singing of the dire shite that is played on the radio (unless your listening to WE68 internet radio which rocks) this leads to a short sharp catchy chorus, so of course I join in, a nice break down which will make the perfect opportunity for people to join in when this track is played live and then back in and the song draws to an end, and so does my review.

Well 3 new tracks from Viki Vortex and the Cumshots done and I like em, again yes you know its them, no shocker changes of style, this band have got there sound and there way and that’s what you get more of in bucket loads, if you for some reason expect bands to constantly change then this may not be for you, if on the other hand you like good music done well, then this will be for you, I can also recommend seeing the guys live not only a great bunch but when I saw them they rocked, so get yourself a copy of this cassette not only do you get a neat cassette, but a download code if you don’t have a cassette player and you also get 4 tracks from last years sold out Cd album Bittersweet twisted Treats who wouldn’t want all that eh?

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