Viki Vortex & the Cumshots

Uberrock reviews Countdown to a Breakdown

Uberrock reviews Countdown to a Breakdown

Uberrock reviews Countdown to a Breakdown cassette.

Operating under a band name fashioned after a (vinegar) stroke of genius, Viki Vortex and the Cumshots, a “(s)punk ‘n’ roll” band based somewhere between Spain and Brighton, present their third DIY release, ‘Countdown To A Breakdown’.


The band’s two previous CD EPs preceded their debut full-length, last year’s ‘Bittersweet Twisted Treats’ released via STP Records, but the three-piece has now gone back down the DIY route for ‘Countdown To A Breakdown’.


Featuring seven tracks, the new EP is available on cassette only in its entirety. The title track is available digitally, and four of the songs are taken from the aforementioned full-length album, but two of the tracks here are exclusive to the cassette: okay, you get download codes with every tape purchase, but that’s just not as cool, right?


Formed in 2008, the band is fronted by Viki Vortex herself, singing and playing bass, and describes its music as fast, stroppy and loud. Sounds good to us…


…just like that title track as it bursts into life: Viki’s vocals giving the band a Lunachicks-like sound, the music bass-led and revelling in its sloppy, punk ‘n’ roll excellence.


The two songs available exclusively here – ‘Window Shopping’ and ‘Radio’s Dead’ – are righteously raucous: both riding in on frenetic bass and unfurling into two-minute exercises in rock ‘n’ roll rebellion, suitably trashy hooks digging into the meat of your auditory canal and refusing to shift.


The four songs dragged onto the tape from ‘Bittersweet Twisted Treats’ – ‘Hold On’, ‘Plastic Fantastic’, ‘Give Us A Reason’ and ‘Burn Today’ – refuse to deviate from the musical path: each one a variation on the tried and trusted 100mph cock-in-cheek punk rock that the band deals in…and deals well with.


DIY product that both looks and sounds great – what’s not to like?