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Thank you Harvest Home!

Thank you Harvest Home!

What a fantastic gig in Luton at the Harvest Home last weekend. Was great to share a stage with Vice Squad and 16 Guns. And how fantastic to see people from all over the UK come down for the gig.

Steve and I flew into the UK on friday and took the train from Luton to Brighton in time for a few drinks in the pub before a 3 hour rehearsal. Lubricated with a few beers and cider, of course. Then on Saturday we all travelled back up to Luton, planted ourselves in the local Travelodge, then had a couple of drinks. (Are we sensing a theme here?) Andrea of the Harvest Home took good care of us when we got there, and we had a great night. Can’t wait to do it all over again!

As for new release news: we are a bit impatient to wait for a vinyl release, as I’m sure you guys are as well. So to hold us over until we figure out what’s happening, we have set Countdown to a Breakdown for release digitally – iTunes and the like. It’ll also be on Spotify (see that new link over there in the sidebar?). So if you use Spotify, and follow us, then I’m sure it should let you know when the new tune pops up. In the meantime, if you’re REALLY impatient, you can listen to it on Reverbnation.

Pics of the gig are on Facebook, so please go check ’em out!