Viki Vortex & the Cumshots

More news!

More news!

So I’ve been a bit lax in updating this site, because we’ve actually been quite busy! We love being busy.

First off, there’s a review of the show with Dirt Box Disco over at PlanetMosh. Check it out! It was a great show – we really enjoyed ourselves! G-string ‘issues’ or not!

We were interviewed for Positive Creed Fanzine in their latest issue – so grab a copy before they are all sold out! Also, Issue 27 of Lights Go Out ‘zine had a piece on us, but you probably missed the boat on that one – it’s definitely sold out! Go support these ‘zines, they put in a lot of hard work to bring you news and stuff from all over!

There’s a review, in German, for the cassette over at TrashRock. Have you got a cassette yet? Well, have you?

You don’t have a cassette player, you say? Well, no worries – we have a track coming out on vinyl in October thanks to Orchestrated Dystopia Records! It’s already available for pre-order and, like the tape, is purely limited edition!

In July we played in Derby at Punks Against Cancer. It was fantastic! Last year, Steve and I flew over to attend because it falls on my birthday weekend, so figured it was a nice treat. Well, it was even nicer to be invited to play! Great crowd, great fun. Sadly, we couldn’t stay for the Saturday and Sunday as Theo had a gig in Birmingham with the Long Tall Texans. Next year it’s happening again, hope to make it a hat-trick for attendance!

In other gig news, 2/3rds of Viki Vortex and the Cumshots were asked to fill in for Glitter Trash at Rebellion Festival in August. So with two months before the festival, we started to learn the songs together and the day before taking to the Arena stage on Friday, we met up with Jenna from Glitter Trash and Si Loopy Loo from the Shots to have an hour’s rehearsal. And, quite literally, meet each other! Also I (Viki) have met Jenna before in Detroit, this was a bit of a baptism by fire. But we had a fantastic time and now, a month later, I still can’t stop smiling! Proof of that – check out the official photos from Rebellion!

A few hours after that show, we played at the Tache Rock Club in Blackpool for the aftershow. Theo was otherwise occupied at Boomtown Festival with The Long Tall Texans (I know – how inconsiderate!), so we managed to steal Nathan Hart from Trioxin Cherry for the evening. Again, we had an hour’s rehearsal with him on Thursday! Although we have met him before…! We had a blast at The Tache (even though Steve broke a string on the first song. It’s okay, he has 6 of them!). Thanks again to Nathan for stepping up!

So we got back to Spain with smiles on our faces and not long after, we had a fun little gig at our local club with our covers band, Els Stupid Things. No rest for the wicked, is there?

And this coming weekend, the first weekend in September, we are supporting the Long Tall Texans in Watford at the fantastic Flag! Come and see us tire out Theo!

In December, we’ll be coming to Nottingham and Leicester for a couple of gigs. And we’re already starting to plan 2015. So if you want to see us play somewhere, let your local promotor know! Or your favourite festival or another favourite festival. Or just tell your dog. Although I don’t know how that helps…

In recording news, we have 4 new songs that are getting set to record and possibly a 5th on the way. Hoping to get those down later on in the year for our traditional New Year’s release! What format? No idea yet – although it probably won’t be 8-track…

So that’s where we’re at. What an update! Will try to keep this updated more often….

(Glitter Trash with added Cumshots – Photo by Dave Ugly Punk!)