Viki Vortex & the Cumshots

Gig news, merch news and apologies

A cobbler’s son always go barefoot, so the saying goes. And I’m the worst for updating our own websites. Seriously, I haven’t added a recipe to my cooking site for almost 4 years I think!

Anyway. News! We are playing Rebellion Festival and we’re super excited to be back on the Pavilion stage at 7:50pm on Thursday, August 1st! Come see us!

At Rebellion, we’ll have new merch including new t-shirts, some more of An Altered State of Mine in case you haven’t got it yet, new beermats and even a couple of handpainted fans. You can grab our merch from Cath when we’re playing, or pop over to Simon and Joe’s stall in the horseshoe all weekend as they are lovely enough to sell stuff for us!!

No content with just escaping the influx of tourists in Spain ONCE in August, we’ll be popping over to the UK again at the end of August to headline the Cider Festival at the Elephant and Castle in Ramsgate with the awesome Cockwomble and PussyLiquor.

And we’ve already planned to support Peter and the Test Tube Babies at New Cross Inn in London in December for some pre-New Year’s Eve festivities!

We’re always on the hunt for gigs, so get in touch if you want us to play!