Viki Vortex & the Cumshots

2015: Year of the Cumshots?

2015: Year of the Cumshots?

Happy New Year! (Almost.)

Two releases in the last couple of months! Orchestrated Dystopia released one of our tracks on their second vinyl compilation (available direct from us or from Orchestrated Dystopia Records). And Countdown to a Breakdown was the title track for Garage Punk Hideout’s Best of Volume 10. Both awesome collections so you should get them!

rebellion-festivalsSome exciting things coming up for 2015 for us… including our debut appearance at Rebellion Punk Music Festival in August in Blackpool. Sure – Theo has played there with the Long Tall Texans. And Steve and Viki played last year with Glitter Trash. But 2015 is Year of the Cumshots; all three of us on the stage at once. You’ve been warned!

In other news, we recorded 4 new tracks at Transmission Studios in December and we are just looking at how to release them. We have the urge for vinyl, but we’ll see how finances go. We love the new songs though – one written by Theo, one written by Steve and two written by Viki – so something fresh all ’round!

Stay tuned for more news.. I’m sure there is more news….