Viki Vortex & the Cumshots

Woodstock Punkrock reviews My Plastic Friend

Woodstock Punkrock reviews My Plastic Friend

Viki Vortex and the Cumshots are a 3 piece Punk rock and Roll band and its good to have something New by them the last Ep I have is from 2009 (have I missed any Viki?) so when I got this little plastic case through the post I was excited to hear the contents.

Plastic Fantastic
Bam straight into a fast paced slice of Punk rock n roll has that 50s rock n roll edge but in 2012 with a big dayglo plastic slab of Punk added, simple and effective it thunders along at breakneck speed, vikis vocal loud and with a naughty angst tinge and a wonderful little squeak we shall call vikis orgasm on the end of certain words/ lines its very addictive he he, catchy chorus good solid start, sound is fine although the drums do get lost on occasions. Which is a shame as the snare sound is lovely.

Burn Today
And were off again same simple tuneage but with a more jerky rhythm Vikis orgasm is in full effect again on this track, if you didn’t like the first track you wont like this one either but then you would be weird as its great bubblegum rock n roll punk what’s not to like? So at 1.44 another short sharp burst of verse chorus verse chorus and its gone nowt wrong with that though

Big Mouth
Wow Viki starts this and the aggression in the voice at the start takes you aback haha grrrr level 10, more rock n roll here, this one really bops along, nice little guitar break, a Singalong chorus, and yes Vikis Orgasm even makes a couple of appearances, a different feel to this track not quite the same breakneck full forward sound and it adds a little different feel to the tracks overall, I like it but then I do have a big mouth apparently haha

Rats in a Cage
Longest track on here at 2.10 although doesn’t feel like it, back to the breakneck speed for this one, this one has less of an obvious verse chorus approach, great backing vocals from Steve sounding very feminine haha, I keep joining in with those, this is my least favourite of the 4 tracks and even the odd appearance of the V O doesn’t make a lot of difference, but it deserves its place on this EP

So there you go 4 tracks done and even though I have listened to this 20-30 times in the last few days I’ve  not got bored of it, yes its formulaic and as such the songs are similar but that’s not a bad thing its been done before and it will be done again, it brings a uniformity and familiarity to the whole thing and I think in this case as in the more obvious ones I could name it works bloody well, does open you up to if they don’t like track one ya fucked but then there will always be people that don’t like what you do anyway, stick with it viki vortex and the cumshots and I look forward to more I am a Fan.

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