Viki Vortex & the Cumshots

Street Voice UK review Debut CD

Street Voice UK review Debut CD

From Street Voice UK Music Magazine

April 2010 CD Review

VIKI VORTEX & THE CUMSHOTS – S/T EP: The Spanish based band blend early punk rock with a touch of 50’s rockabilly and some garage punk thrown in to give you an enjoyable listening experience. This self titled EP kicks off with ‘Bad Girl Too’ and that is my favourite song though the other three numbers aren’t far behind in intensity. My only grumble is I think the recording is a tad thin and they could have done with some more guitar to beef the songs up a little. However all four numbers are certainly worth a listen. Music like this is best experienced live anyway but to acquaint yourselves with the Cumshots this release is certainly worth a listen. Decent female fronted punk rock that needs experiencing. 7/10

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