Viki Vortex & the Cumshots

Nemisis to go reviews Debut CD

Nemisis to go reviews Debut CD
CD Review on Nemisis to go – Misadventures in modern music Issue 9

Some days, only punk rock will do. And here’s some stripped-down, no-shit, garage racketeering, without any airs and graces but with a very definite sense of its own bad self, that’ll do the business if you’re having a Punk Rock Day.
‘Sex and drugs and rock and roll!’ announces Viki Vortex, as if defining the four main food groups. And then the band kick in, playing it fast and tight and reckless, and never less than full speed ahead. ‘Won’t give up, won’t give in/Take a look and shit your ring’ sings Viki on ‘Stupid Life’, and you can’t argue with that. I wouldn’t dare, anyway.
What you get here is four tacks of gloriously unsophisticated rock ‘n’ roll noise, which is, of course, just the way it’s supposed to be. Officially this is a demo, which hints that there’s more to come; maybe a proper label release, or something. Me, I reckon the Cumshots should just stick their stuff out, DIY style, and have done with it. Even the stars do it that way now. These days, every day is Punk Rock Day.