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Limited Edition Cassette!

Limited Edition Cassette!

Big news! We have released a limited edition numbered cassette of Countdown to a Breakdown. Containing 7 tracks, three all new and four from Bittersweet, this cassette is a small run, numbered edition. For those of you without a cassette player (and why not!?), included in the cassette is a code to download all 7 tracks in mp3 format.

The new tracks are Countdown to Breakdown (which is available digitally on iTunes), and the never before released tracks: Radio’s Dead and Window Shopping.

As this is a limited run, please order quickly to avoid disappointment. (I’ve always wanted to say that.) We’ll certainly bring the cassette to our shows to sell, provided we have some to bring!

For a sneak preview of the new song, check out the video on YouTube.

Thanks for your continued support!